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How can you Find Funding Companies for your Business?

Funding companies are big business to some venture capitalist. It is a high stakes game that they get a thrill of playing. But not everyone wants their business to be part of someone’s portfolio to profit off of. Some companies are looking for an investor who is looking for opportunities to fund businesses for the great good. Or they are looking for a partner who is going to help them grow. When it comes to funding companies, no matter the size, there is always going to be risks with each option. As a business owner, you must be aware of each.

Options for Owners to Consider when Funding Companies

Bank Loans

The most traditional approach for funding companies is also one of the most difficult to qualify for. In order to receive a bank loan, you have to meet all of the requirements that have been dictated by that financial institution and those of the fed. Since the lending crisis, many banks have been cracking down on who they lend too. If you are a new business, outside of extreme circumstances, getting approved for a bank loan is going to prove to be extremely difficult.

But if you can qualify for this lending option, it has one of the lowest interest rates on the market and is a great option.

Business Credit Cards

A business credit card can give you access to finances quickly but it can also be dangerous to your business when placed in the wrong hands. Be mindful of the employees you trust in your organization if you are going to give them a corporate card. You would be shocked to hear the horror stories we have heard from many business owners about employees going rogue with a business card.

Friends and Family

If you are just starting out and are trying to determine if your idea is valid, talking to your friends and family is extremely valuable. They may not be overly interested in funding companies but because they know you and your spirit, you may have a shot.

Over half of the startups in the market today have used some form of friends and family funding to kick off their business. Just be careful about how much you are borrowing to get your company off the ground. You never want to end up in a situation that makes the dinner table uncomfortable.

Merchant Cash Advance

If you are in need of fast funding, a merchant cash advance is an option to think about. When it comes to funding companies, merchant cash advance providers are at the top of the list for many companies. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • This alternative funding provider can get businesses the cash they need in just days. At eBusiness, we specialize in making sure you have funds you need just three days after being approved!
  • Their requirements are simple and easy to understand. At eBusiness, we have made our online application so simple; any business owner can get through it in a matter of minutes. Our requirements are easy to understand and 90% of the companies that meet our minimum requirements are approved for an advance. The only requirements to qualify are:
    • Have been operating as a business for at least six months
    • Are earning at least $10,000 in revenue a month
  • The payback process is easy to understand and there is nothing for a business owner to think about. Because we take a fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales, you don’t have to worry about missing a payment at the end of the month!

If you want to learn more about eBusiness and how we have been funding companies since our inception, contact us today!

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